The Two Ronnies (1977, Великобритания)

The Two Ronnies (1977, Великобритания)
The Two Ronnies (S06E5d)
В ролях: Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbett, Richard Caldicot, Derek Ware.

This long-running BBC comedy show consisted of sketches and humourous musical routines involving the large Ronnie Barker and the small Ronnie Corbett. Most sketches involved both men, but occasionally only one. Barker was excellent at fast-talking and complicated dialogue. Each week Corbett would tell a short joke and digress and tell a dozen or more unrelated jokes en route to the main punchline. Each series contained a comedy miniseries and characters who returned weekly. Also on the bill would be a musical piece from a well-known singer or group.
Sketches include a difficult customer in a pharmacy shop, there’s a spokesman from Ballots and Elections with a scheme to improve parliament, Piggy Malone and Charlie Farley continue with «Stop You’re Killing Me», astrology in the dining car on a train, we join a police raid with The Sweeney, Ronnie talks about his musical career and, finally, the Ronnies join The New Sensations calypso band. The performance in this episode is by The Nolan Sisters.

Вагон-ресторан в популярном в 1970-80-х годах британском комедийном скетч-шоу двух комиков.

В нашей подборке есть также эпизоды со сценами в вагоне-ресторане из других скетч-шоу — «Шоу Бенни Хилла» 1965 года и «В Городке» 2006 года.

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