Lucky Stiff (2014, США)

Lucky Stiff (2014, США)
Режиссер Christopher Ashley.
В ролях: Dominic Marsh, Nikki M. James, Pamela Shaw, Jason Alexander, Dennis Farina, Don Amendolia, Kate Shindle, Mary Birdsong, Anthony Skordi, Jayne Houdyshell, Maggie Carney, Kent Avenido, Herschel Sparber, Steve West, Mary Jo Catlett, Noah Weisberg, Cheyenne Jackson, Jennifer Cody.

A young, down-and-out British shoe salesman learns that he has inherited $6 million from an American uncle. However, in order to get the money he must take his uncle’s corpse on a wild, parties-and-gambling fueled trip to Monte Carlo or lose it all to a Brooklyn dog shelter. While there he is pursued by a desperate, put-upon optometrist and his controlling, trigger-happy sister, an avaricious French chanteuse, and a mysterious Italian playboy, as well as a young woman from Brooklyn dead set on getting that money for the dogs. Disguises go on, guns go off, romance blossoms and champagne corks pop in this zany, frothy, colorful and fast-paced farce based on the hit Off-Broadway musical with a score by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens.

Комедийный мюзикл.
Вагон-ресторан необычной планировки — среди столов расположены лаундж-зоны — в поезде, следующем в Монте-Карло.

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